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Support Department

​Name ​Extension
Shelley Dillon
Human Resources/Office Manager
Noreen Smith
Office Support Technician/N​ew Case Setup​
Fe Burgos
Calendar Coordinator
​Shirley Vernon
Office Support Technician/Purchasing Assistant


Case Management Department


​Michelle Berry
Case Management Department Manager
​Dave Diack
Case Manager​​​


Legal Department

​​Split ​Extension
​Anna Park
Senior Staff Attorney / Legal Department Manager
Liz Keating
​Karen Mather
Judge Barreca
MarysvilleJudge Alston
Port Orchard L – Z
​Janine Reger
​Judge Dore
SeattleJudge Alston
Port Orchard A – K
​Emily Jarvis
Staff Attorney
​​Sheala Anderson
Legal Assistant


C​laims Department

​Name ​Split* ​​Extension
​Denice Roberts
Claims Department Manager
​Melva Angle
Case Administrator
​00 – 19 ​113
​Maria Quintero
Case Administrator​
​20 – 39 ​109
​Leisa Pierce
Case Administrator​
​40 – 69 ​116
​Ed Werner
Case Administrator
​Lori White
Case Administrator
70 – 99

*The claims split is based on the last 2 digits in the case number. For example, the last 2 digits in the case number 7720690 are 90 and would route to the 82-99 claims split.​


Auditing​​​ Department


​Extension ​Split
​Tim Harper
Auditing Department Manager
Mark Abenojar
Financial Technician
Kevin Lowe
Final Closeout Tech/QCN Liaison
Souli Vongmani
Closed Case Technician
​136 ​00-99